Temporary Office Location
Temporary Office Location Programme

Joins us for a talk, book launch or presentation.

Temporary Office Location: 52, rue du 4 septembre, Arles. 

Wednesday 4 July

3pm Digestif with the office

Photostudio Project

5pm Apéritif with TBC

11.30 The Late, Late Show with Lucas Foglia

Thursday 5 July

3pm Digestif with Zed Nelson

5pm Apéritif with Cristina De Middel

British Journal of Photography iPhone/iPad launch party

11.30 The Late, Late Show with TBC

Friday 6 July

3pm Digestif with Anouk Kruithof

Presentation by Theophile’s Papers

5pm Apéritif with Ai Estelle Barreyre and more

Book Launch Hard Copy and W magazine

11.30 The Late, Late Show 

Saturday 7 July

3pm Digestif with Sophie Jung + Brad Feuerhelm

6pm Apéritif with Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin

Self Publish Be Happy Book Club Meeting

Come and join BJP, Self Publish, Be Happy and Hard Copy at our Temporary Office Location in Arles from 04 July.

Centred around three daily rendez-vous - DigestifApéritif and The Late, Late Show - we’ll be bringing a full programme of informal talks and presentations with photographers such as Zed Nelson, Crisitina de Middel, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Lucas Foglia, Aï Estelle Barreyre and Anouk Kruithof among many others.

It all kickstarts on Wednesday 04 July from 3pm with our first Digestif event, when we invite one photographer to present his or her latest work. Already lined up are Zed Nelson on Thursday 05 July and Anouk Kruitof on Friday 06 July

Join us for an Apéritif at 5pm, when we’ll feature Cristina De Middel’s The Afronauts on 05 July, and photographers Aï Estelle Barreyre on Friday. The following day, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin will join Bruno Ceschel for the launch of the Self Publish, Be Happy Book Club.

Finally, each day, from 11.30pm (or after the Rencontres d’Arles evening screenings), Bruno Ceschel and Olivier Laurent will host The Late, Late Show - a series of relaxed and entertaining debates around photography.

Temporary Office Location will also host regular portfolio reviews, a photo studio and a book shop corner by Theophile’s Papers, and various launch events by Hard Copy with Delphine Bedel.

For more details, visit our Facebook page.

Book launch: W Artist Magazine, 8 issues.

Friday 6 July, 5pm.

Talk with Ai Estelle Barreyre, and more.

Book Launch: Suzanne Perrin ‘Osiris’

Friday 6 July, 3.3pm

Book Launch: Anne Sylvie Henchoz ‘Conversations entre masses’

Book Launch, Friday 6 July, 3.3pm

Book Launch: Pauline Beaudemont ‘STRIP’

Book Launch, Friday 6 July, 3.30pm 

Design Régis Tosetti

Book Launch: Vianney Fivel ‘After Jeff’

Book launch Friday 6 July, 3.30pm

Book Launch: Adrien Guillet ‘Geneva Test’

Book launch Hard Copy Friday 6 July, 15.30

Book Launch: Maya Rochat ‘Vote for me”

Book launch Friday 6 July, 15.30

Book Launch: Anne Le Trotter ‘Claire Anne Laurence’

Book launch Hard Copy Friday 6 July, 15.30

Friday 6, 3.30pm. Theophile’s Papers Presentation.

Theophile will introduce  his Indie & intinerant bookshop > he will be participate at TOL from Wednesday to Saturday.

Artist Books: Anouk Kruithof


Friday 6, 3pm: Anouk Kruitof, Talk about her publications.
Anouk Kruithof was born 1981 in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. She graduated from Art College in the Netherlands in 2003. She considers photography as a starting-point of infinite possibilities. Her method is interdisciplinary and mostly idea based. She makes photo –video and spatial installations, social in-situ works, take away art and above all she’s a frenetic artistbookmaker. Her projects grow within the elements of the human psyche with its emotions and impulses, the spatial framework and colour with its perceptions and symbolic meanings. Temporary installations, which she constructs and performative actions with unknown people form the basis of her photographic works. After she deliberately uses her own photos as material, which she transfers across different surfaces and spaces into sculptural forms, minimal installations and artistbooks. 
Since 2011 Anouk Kruithof lives in New York City, where she recently won an ICP Infinity award. 

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